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Ultralight, compact, battery-powered and portable digital X ray machine, FDR Xair combines deep learning in its artificial intelligence (AI) technology with Fujifilm’s image processing heritage. Easy to carry, handle and operate, Fujifilm Xair is a mobile X ray machine that facilitates successful diagnoses in various medical settings, serving patients with limited mobility or people living in inaccessible geographies.

  • Lightweight & small X ray machine at around 3.5 kg
  • Works without a power source
  • Built-in lithium polymer battery
  • 100+ images on a single charge
  • Highly durable LED light source

Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II

Flat Panel Detector

Combined with Fujifilm’s X ray machine, this high-sensitivity digital radiography (DR) system with a Console Advance image-processing unit enables low-dose, high-resolution imaging to vastly improve image contrast and clarity, with an image processing software to correct the effects of scatter radiation.

  • Sharp, clear images at low radiation
  • ISS System reading technology
  • Achieves DQE 54% (CsI scintillator), 31% (GOS scintillator) (1Lp/mm-RQA5 1mR)
  • Unique noise reduction circuit


FDR Xair weighs about 3.5 kg. Its portable design mean it can easily be carried into patients' homes and other places where space is limited, ensuring quicker imaging.

The FDR Xair's lightness and high usability make mounting it on its support stand quick and simple.

The hand switch can be attached to main unit. This makes carrying easier and reduces the risk of dropping the hand switch behind.

Device Specifications

Easy Portability

Carry this small X ray machine anywhere, any time for use in screening camps in out-of-hospital, remote locations.


This portable X ray machine is ultra-lightweight, and mounting Xair on its support stand is quick, easy and simple.

Durable LED collimation light

A long- lasting LED light source makes the portable, mobile X ray machine’s control screen easy to read.

Battery Operated

Fujifilm X ray machine’s built-in lithium polymer battery can shoot up to 100 images, without a stable power source.


This portable X ray device is easy to operate, with very few buttons. Requires no extended training.

Easy-maintenance design

With minimal edges and a flat-surface design, it is easy to clean and maintain Fujifilm Xair.

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