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The FUJIFILM FDR NANO is designed for portability and efficiency, this compact and lightweight system provides healthcare professionals with the flexibility to conduct high-quality digital X-ray imaging at the point of care, significantly enhancing patient diagnostics in diverse clinical settings. 

With its advanced features and wireless capabilities, the FDR Nano streamlines workflow, reduces patient wait times, and ensures rapid access to critical diagnostic information, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of medical care.


  • Lightweight mobile X-Ray cart ~ 90kg
  • Spin and Slide four-wheel castors enable superb movement control
  • Utilizes D-EVO series detectors and Virtual Grid technology to maintain high image quality at lower doses
  • Integrated Console Advance rotates freely for improved viewing from any position
  • Up to twelve hours use (around 240 exposures) on a single charge of the Lithium-ion batteries
  • Plug-in exposures, increases operation time
  • Fujifilm antibacterial Hydro AG coating on high use areas a world first for mobile DR X-Ray systems

Quick Accessibility: 

Four wheel caster and extremely light weight X-ray cart can bring freedom of movement. 

Little Downtime: 

High performance Li-ion battery enables quick charge of 4 hours and can be used continuously for 12 hours, also plugged in.

Ready to be used at anytime: 

D-EVO II is charged when placed in the DR slot and is quickly taken out with tilting function. 

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FDR Go PLUS is one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-size portables available. Its quiet, smooth operation, retractable column, and compact design make it ideal for navigating busy environments and tight spaces. Together with Fujifilm’s trademark image quality and dose performance, FDR Go PLUS offers exactly what you need for your most challenging bedside exams.

  • Fully integrated, Fully featured, portable digital radiography system.
  • Ultra-responsive steering and maneuverability.
  • Virtual Grid capable.

Designed For Safety

Built for speed and efficiency, the FDR Go PLUS incorporates features to ensure the safety of users and patients. A touch-sensing bumper stops the system and sounds an alarm if an obstacle comes too close. The quick release brake system stops the FDR Go PLUS whenever the grip handle is released, and a special safety mode allows it to travel at a slower speed for in-room or training uses.

Long Lasting

System battery power lasts 3-4 hours and features emergency reserve mode for additional exposures and travel after low battery warning.

Retractable Column

All new retractable column, ultra-low park position, and signature compact tube head for maximum visibility and agile maneuverability while traveling.

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Skan Mobile

The Fujifilm Skanmobile mobile X-ray system is an ultra-light mobile X-ray unit perfectly balanced to move anywhere in the hospital; via a ramp or in the elevator. Stability is ensured through a unique design and a well-balanced tube head.

The ergonomically designed Skanmobile can be positioned to fit different bed heights. The vertical and horizontal oscillation of the tube head allows x-ray of any anatomy within the limited space. Affordable direct current technology for X-ray system.

Advanced Technology For High Performance

Skanmobile has an integrated tube head that works with a dual-processor DSP-based system for "on-the-fly" control.

The 200 kHz switching combined with the second sub-micro error correction rate ensures highly stable X-rays. The atomic programmed radiography (APR) function with two-step manual mode makes operation intuitive and simple.

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