System Administration

System administration with SWAT

Fujifilm recognises that the management of your PACS is more than just connecting modalities and adding users. With Synapse you not only have a tool at hand to work with the PACS, it also allows the PACS to work for itself. The key to this is the Synapse Web Administration Tool (SWAT).

Web Base Administration

  • The focus of the Fujifilm PACS infrastructure is SWAT. This simple web-based interface guides you through both the routine tasks as well as the somewhat more specific tasks of system management. SWAT helps you to configure all aspects of Synapse including the users, access rights, roles and requests. With SWAT you can manage your PACS simply and effectively.
  • Since SWAT is a web-based application it’s available anywhere at any time. With a simple HTML user interface authorised users can handle administrative tasks easily from any location. SWAT can be launched from any PC with internet access without any additional software or hardware – SWAT is a core element of the Synapse software.

Optimal Database management

  • The Synapse database which includes patient demographics, user permissions and event logs for the hospital or trust is proactively managed and monitored by SWAT. Database configuration, process monitoring, backups and user management are just some of the effective features available. The comprehensive approach to database management is not only to provide the high availability of your system, but also the best performance.

Indiviual Folders Adoptation 

  • Synapse uses a concept of virtual folders as sources of patient and study information. SWAT provides utilities available to configure the folder to your requirements. You can create, delete, modify and add user-defined access privileges.


  • All Fujifilm I.T. systems are remotely monitored and utilise our own Active Monitoring system to alert Fujifilm engineers to any problems or errors in installed systems so they can react before the failure actually occurs.