Synapse Yasasii RIS

At a Glance

Fujifilm offers a Powerful, Reliable and Next Generation Radiology Information System (RIS) that amalgamates Workflow, Collaboration, Analytics and Intraoperability into robust and flexible platform.

Synapse Yasasii RIS. RIS is designed to scale from a Standalone Diagnostic Centre to Multi-site Enterprise Radiology Centre and to a Group of Tertiary Hospitals.  SYNAPSE is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Corporation in Japan.

Synapse Yasasii RIS provides a complete set of tools for the Workflow Management Module, Visualization of Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Management Reports.

Synapse Yasasii RIS comes with Workflow Engine that enables auto order and auto assignment features which makes the Radiology workflow Flexible, Efficient and Effective. It also has in-built technical capabilities of good performance even at lower bandwidth conditions.


Synapse Yasasii RIS offers a very intuitive and ease of use Graphical User Interface along with embedded Voice Recognition system leads to fast adaption of digital smart reporting tools that streamlines the Radiologist workflow.

Synapse Yasasii RIS improves Department Productivity, Enhances Patient safety and care across the Entire organization.

  • Web based Applications
  • Fully Integrated with Synapse PACS with Integrated Voice Recognition
  • Standard Packages includes add on functionalities like Critical Results Notification (CRN), Emergency Department Findings (EDF) and Peer Review.
  • Full set of Business Management and Key Performance Indicator (KPI)Dashboard and Tools
  • Built-in tele radiology Application, anywhere-anytime Patient information access
  • Backed by FUJIFILM Support for continuous innovation, seamless integration and comprehensive services
  • HL7 and FHIR Integrations support that enables integration with other systems to ensure seamless data transfer between order entry, results delivery, patient clinical information, etc.

Comprehensive Features to Enhance Radiology Department Productivity

Wide range of tools that are tailored for the Radiology Department requirements, Synapse Yasasii RIS offers Comprehensive and intuitive solutions that enhance Paper less workflow across Departments and Facilities.

Front Office Features/Scheduling

  • Registration
  • Scheduling, Customizable as per the Department Requirements

Radiologists Global Worklist

  • Integrated Voice Recognition
  • Rich Text Report Editor
  • Electronic Signature Tool

Built-in Tele Radiology Functionalities

  • Automatic Order Creating based on the incoming DICOM Image
  • Multiple Report Distribution Methodologies based on Workflow Settings.

Advanced Radiology Functionalities

  • Peer Review
  • Critical Results Notification (CRN)
  • Emergency Department Findings (EDF)
  • Smart Reporting

Referring Physician Portal Features

  • Easy Online Request Capabilities
  • Customized Scheduling Settings
  • Group based Viewing

Patient Portal

  • Self-Registration
  • Access Clinical Exam Results Instantly

Business Management Tools

  • Dashboard and KPI reporting module that provides meaningful insights on a variety of business operations, including exam requests, administrative workflows and clinician productivity. Track trends and increase profitability through analyzing department metrics such as patient type, modality mix, report turnaround time and much more.

Meaningful Use

  • A native Integration between Synapse Yasasii RIS and Synapse PACS
  • Web-Based Application for Anywhere-anytime access
  • Supported by FUJIFILM Expertise and Experience for Continuous Innovation and Comprehensive Support

Patient and Referring Doctor Portal

The Synapse Yasasii RIS provide the Patient Portal functionalities to enhance the Radiology Department services. The Patient can register online the Portal services and access their own Clinical Exam Results directly in the system.

The Referring Doctors can request studies, View or Confirm appointments and access the Clinical Exam Results directly in the System.