Synapse 3D

Optimise workflow with SYNAPSE 3D’s advanced diagnostic tools for radiology. SYNAPSE 3D is fully integrated with SYNAPSE PACS with one-click access and a consistent user interface. SYNAPSE 3D provides true, full-featured thin client capability, and is web-based and enterprise capable. All the applications you need are available on any workstation running SYNAPSE.

SYNAPSE 3D was designed with extensive input from clinicians to support an intuitive and logical workflow for Radiologists, Cardiologists and other clinicians. The quality of SYNAPSE 3D is unparalleled, with relevant areas automatically identified at a high degree of accuracy, and a high level of reproducibility ensuring every user obtains identical results. SYNAPSE 3D is equipped with a rich array of analytical features that are highly practical, in radiology and many other medical specialities, giving you incredibly vivid 3D images for virtually every type of exam.

Basic Applications for General image processing incliude:

  • 2D/3D/4D viewer
  • Slicer
  • Dynamic Data
  • 3D Comparison
  • 3D Compositor
  • CT/PET Viewer
  • Image Fusion
  • Sector MPR
  • Dental MPR
  • Vessel Extraction

Advanced Cardiology applications inlude:

  • Coronary Analysis
  • Calcium Scoring
  • Cardiac Functional Analysis
  • Cardiac Fusion
  • MR Delay Enhancement

Synapse 3D image showing the Brain and Vessels

Synapse 3D image showing the Abdominal Organs

Synapse 3D image of the Lung and vessels