RunLek BIS


RunLek BIS is successfully utilized in various national screening projects. A single application controls whole operations. Freedom to get service from any spot without any interruption of information,with Maximized personal data security, Early and secure diagnosis via information sharing,Data-based early warning mechanisms with AI aided unique decision support system.

RunLek is a unique decision support system that has been prepared to eliminate all human-induced issues. Via an online working application every branch of the entire workflow is recorded. Tracking, improvement and conferment of the staff are performed with great accuracy.
A Unique unit of measurement called ‘LEK’ which conducts an assessment for every kind of work load at the same level underlies the management of most complex operational processes being held smoothly by RunLek.
In all types of operations, RunLek offers instant and ultra-sensitive accuracy in measuring your whole workload through a single unit, which in turn facilitates factual evaluation of data

RunLek BIS is successfully utilized in Fujifilm Turkey National Breast Screening . One application (RunLek) controls the whole operation.

RunLek Decision Support System tracks every step like an eagle eye.


  • RunLek is a web based BIS system (Breast information System) which is available as “on the go” mobile version as well.  We offer the option that our patients can login and check their own exam results.
  • Thanks to the flexible the system has to offer, RunLek BIS enables cancer screening operations extremely accurate and quick. The system presents four different modules:

1.    Registry Module
2.    Appointment Module
3.    Screening Module
4.    Further Assessment Module

  • Contains Key Performance Indicators (KPI) globally accepted, thanks to its sync structure.
  • Includes a digital consent form, which provides easy digital signature.
  • Draws a patient profile, based on initial questionnaires performed,  and places the patient profile in the relevant place in the systems risk map. Risk assessment can be redesigned and developed according to the customer’s needs.
  • Tasks prioritizing as online arrangements .Automated system updates based on notification features.
  • Operational in Offline and Online Modes. Thus, operations at mobile scanning spots that have problems with connecting to the central system can be continued uninterruptedly and data can then be transmitted to the center.
  • Can be integrated with different hospital management systems. Each department, institution or section may be able to designate its own rules specialized to its own workload and operate them without any disruptions.
  • Creates an testosterone enanthate pct infrastructure for other cancer screening operations.
  • Sets up the business plan and evaluates whole performance at the end of an analysis process. This eases work and increases the outputs.
  • Any detected problem may be monitored by introducing it to RunLek BIS. This also precludes occurrence of similar problems.
  •  Formulates your fund of knowledge. It provides an opportunity to transfer this fund to the next generations like a secret formula achieved over the years.

Integrated with Fujifilm  Synapse and Fujifilm Amulet Bellus