FDR Visionary Suite

Freedom and Flexibility in Imaging

The FDR VIsionary Suite combines a wide range of applications targeted to improve diagnostic capability and a precise design to facilitate imaging. With unique image processing functions that enhance quality while reducing the operational dose rate, the FDR Visionary Suite represents a new generation of functional X-ray systems — offering ease of operation with minimal impact for patients.


  • Compatibility with a Broad Range of Cassette DR Panels for Maximum Flexibility
  • Wide Array of applications to support diagnostics
  • Stress-free, Optimized Imaging Workflow


Smoothly and Surely Ensuring a Stress-free Imaging Environment

● Preparation

Completion of room preparation without touching the system

The system features an auto-positioning function that moves the X-ray tube into position automatically. It is possible to pre-set and restore positions from the image guidance menu.

X-ray stand

A movable scope of 40 to 190cm from the center of the exposure makes it possible to take images of the entire lower limb from the cervical vertebrae down. The exposure platform can be adjusted from -20 to 90 degrees*, making it possible to take images of the head and upper limbs.

X-ray table

Using the foot switch and grip switch* it is possible to adjust the height quickly and easily between 53 and 85cm.
With the weight capacity on the table exceeding 290kg, the system can be used for bariatric patients without concern.

  • *Option

● Patient Guidance and Positioning

Easily define the imaging position for each individual patient

With the auto-tracking function the panel and X-ray tube are automatically kept in alignment, making it possible to focus on patient positioning and care. By switching between automatic and manual functions positioning can be simplified, allowing the operator to maintain full control.

Radiation field linking function

The pre-selected radiation field size for the area to be imaged is automatically set and alignment of the field to the upper or lower potion of the detector is also automatically performed.

Simplified Generator Setting with an LCD touch panel

The touch panel presents image-related information clearly and also allows settings to be easily changed. The angle of the square LCD panel will also change by 90 degrees to match the direction of the X-ray tube, making it easy to see at all times.


● Taking Images

Change conditions in the X-ray room using the touch panel

All conditions can be changed using the LCD touch panel on the X-ray tube supporting arm, making it possible to set conditions in the X-ray room alone. The changed conditions are relayed in real time to the controller outside the X-ray room.

“Sound and light” notifies those away from the machine when an X-ray is being taken

“System Ready ” and “X-ray in progress” notifications can be clearly understood by sounds and lights on the frame and hand switch. There is a choice of seven colors for the notification lights.


Wide Range of Applications That Contribute to Improving Diagnostic Capabilities

● Tomosynthesis**

Freedom to reconstruct and display image slices

With this technology the X-ray tube moves through an arc, acquiring a series of images in a single sweep, which are then reconstructed to create cross-sectional image slices.

Automatic X-ray dose control and background reconstruction

Using the imaging conditions for a single preliminary image as reference, the conditions for Tomosynthesis imaging are set automatically.

High-precision, high-quality imaging to 150μm

By controlling such items as metal artifacts, high-precision imaging down to 150μm is possible.


● Energy Subtraction**

Separates images of soft tissue and bone for improved viewing

This technology takes two X-rays, utilizing the difference in X-ray energy absorption to create specific images of soft tissue and bone, etc. The dose rate is changed automatically between shots.

Controlling motion artifacts

Motion artifacts that may occur between exposures are suppressed by multiple resolution alignment processing, allowing for clear images of soft tissue and bone.


● Long View Imaging**

Display full-length images of spine or lower limb

This technology uses multiple images taken in one sweep and automatically stitches them to create images of wide area of up to 160cm upright and 120cm recumbent. Disjointed images caused by patient body movements can be automatically corrected through image alignment.***


Full Function Model

With cutting-edge optional technologies such as Tomosynthesis, additional imaging information can be provided, further improving diagnostic capabilities.


Standard Model

This model is capable of a wide-range of general radiography imaging, including long view imaging and an Autopositioning option, enabling optimized work flow.


DR Panels

Compatible with the traditional FDR D-EVO Series plus the new FDR D-EVO Advanced


With a broad range of DR Panel options the FDR Visionary Suite can be configured to meet each site’s workflow and handling preferences. The dedicated D-EVO Advanced panel allows superior dose performance, integrated panel charging and advanced imaging support for tomosynthesis and energy subtraction examinations.

Compatibility with the original D-EVO Series allows for panel sharing to other areas of the hospital, including mobile imaging and retrofit solutions as required.

D-EVO Advanced Panel for superior workflow and advanced imaging capability

Multifunctional panel with Advanced Applications for ultimate imaging flexibility

FDR D-EVO Advanced C43A is a new multifunctional portable flat panel sensor that can be used in a wide range of clinical scenarios.
This new panel displays excellent performance, allowing for Energy Subtraction and Tomosynthesis imaging. When used as a mobile detector for free- exposure, the D-EVO Advanced displays a flexibility of use not possible with traditional fixed detectors.

Built-in panel charging for hassle free battery management

Integrated bucky charging maintains the​ power supply to the D-EVO Advanced panel without the need for regular battery exchange and allows for faster, wired communication for all bucky examinations​.

User-friendly, load resistant design with an integrated handle

At 4.5 kg, the D-EVO Advanced is just marginally heavier than the equivalent D-EVO Series panel (C43i) and offers improved handling and durability in addition to advanced imaging techniques previously only possible on a fixed panel.
The integrated handle ensures the panel is easy to manoeuvre, allowing radiographers to insert or remove the panel from the stand/table easily.


If your focus is in reducing dose, the benefits of CsI with ISS are significant

As always, Fujifilm has taken this cassette DR technology a step further in image quality by Combining the inherent benefits of CsI with Fujifilm’s exclusive ISS technology. FDR D-EVO CsI with ISS is the perfect solution for dose conscious imaging.

Dynamic visualization

To take full advantage of DR’s dynamic range capabilities. Fujifilm has created a new full spectrum optimization with dynamic-range control processing. This processing fully utilizes all of the exposure data captured and optimizes its image recognition output.