Mammography QC Program

Mammography QC Program
For digital mammography with superior quality and reliability


The program consists of the exclusive “FCR 1 Shot Phantom M Plus” and the “FCR Mammography QC Software/Guidebook.”

  • With “FCR 1 Shot Phantom M Plus”, a daily quantitative test can be performed on 10 test items with a single exposure, enabling wide-ranging analysis of the system in a relatively short time.*
  • The “FCR Mammography QC Software”, designed for performing periodic QC, data analysis and managing the QC test log, is installed on the CR Console that is part of the FCR mammography system.
  • The “FCR Mammography QC Program Guidebook” provides instructions on full procedures for quality control, technical explanations and other information necessary for this QC program.
  • The QC program applicable to FUJIFILM Digital Mammography System, AMULET, is also available.


  • *Approximately 10 minutes in the FUJIFILM laboratory, compared with 5 hours (approx.) using the procedures described in the IEC standard.
1 Shot Phantom setting on Mammography equipment

1 Shot Phantom setting on Mammography equipment

1 Shot Phantom

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Dimensions: 263mm(w) x 198mm(d) x 24mm(h)
Weight: 575g

Test items of 1 Shot Phantom
  1. 1.Missed tissue at chest wall side
  2. 2.CNR
  3. 3.System sensitivity
  4. 4.Geometric distortion
  5. 5.System artifact (the whole image)
  6. 6.Uniformity
  7. 7.Dynamic range
  8. 8.Spatial resolution
  9. 9.LCD
  10. 10.Linearity/Beam quality

QC test items

Installation test
  1. 1.S value confirmation
  2. 2.Inter Plate (IP) variation
  3. 3.IP fog in storage area
Daily/Weekly test
  1. 1.Test with 1 Shot Phantom
    • Missed tissue at chest wall side
    • Contrast to noise ratio (CNR)
    • System sensitivity constancy
    • Geometric distortion
    • System artifact
    • Uniformity
    • Dynamic range
    • Spatial resolution (SR)
    • Low contrast detectability (LCD)
    • Linearity/Beam quality assessment
  2. 2.Test with ACR phantom
  3. 3.Good practice (Cleaning)
    • Mammography X-ray equipment
    • IP/Cassettes
    • Diagnostic monitors
    • Viewing boxes
Quarterly test Repeat analysis
Semi-annual test
  1. 1.S value confirmation
  2. 2.Compression device confirmation
  3. 3.Viewing box maintenance
Annual test
  1. 1.Image performance test
    • Additive lag effects (Lag)
    • Multiplicative lag effects (Ghosting)
    • Missed tissue at chest wall side (40mm in height)*
    • Visual and functional tests
  2. 2.Spatial resolution test (Magnification)
  3. 3.X-ray equipment performance test
    • kVp accuracy and reproducibility
    • Half value layer (HVL)
    • Collimation assessment
    • Radiation output
  4. 4.AEC system performance test
    • AEC density control function
    • AEC reproducibility
    • CNR exposure mode n
    • AGD exposure mode n
This test is only required in limited countries/areas. Comply with local regulations/guidelines.
Applicable for :
  1. 1.FCR reader unit and IP/Cassette type
    • FCR PROFECT CS/One (50µm/pixel image)
      IP: HR-BD, Cassette: Type DM
    • FCR 5000MA Plus (50µm/pixel image)
      IP: HR-BD, Cassette: Type DM
  2. 2.CR Console
    • CR Console Ver. 5.0 or later