Fujifilm 3D Mammography Viewer

Mammography enters a new stage of diagnosis

3D mammography — a revolutionary approach to mammography — enables the internal anatomical breast structures to be identified more clearly than in a 2D image.


3D mammography — a revolutionary approach to mammography

Fujifilm’s 3D mammography creates 3D images by using two high resolution images taken from different angles. One of these images is a conventional 2D image. The images are presented on a special viewer. 3D images enable the internal anatomical breast structures to be identified more clearly than in a 2D image due to tissue separation and microcalcifications stratification. With this system, it is expected that image interpretation is as quick or even quicker than 2D mammography and false positives are reduced.

Two images of a breast are taken from different angles, using Fujifilm’s AMULET f digital mammography system.

* The image taken from angle A can be viewed as a 2D image.

Two images are displayed on the two high-definition monitors. By wearing the polarized 3D glasses, a 3D image can be viewed through the half mirror.

A stereoscopic image can be created instantly from two images, enabling immediate diagnosis after exposure. There is no need for complex image reconstruction or operations.

Difference in vision between 2D and 3D

Case 1 : mass

As mammary tissue overlapping each other can be visually separated when viewed in a 3D image, it may be easier to identify architectural distortion or tumor than in a conventional 2D image.

[Image] Case 1 : mass / Simulated Image

Case 2 : microcalcifications

The location, distribution and cluster reference of microcalcifications can be viewed clearly in the stereoscopic image.

[Image] Case 2 : microcalcifications / Simulated Image

Fujifilm’s 3D mammography with minimized dosage and examination time

This new 3D system realizes more precise diagnosis with only 1.3 to 1.5 times larger X-ray dose in a slightly longer time than 2D mammography. (approximately 11 seconds with AMULET f )

Incorporation into existing networks

This product can be connected with AMULET f or AMULET as well as with existing medical image information network. It can be switched easily between 2D and 3D mammography.

[Image] Incorporation into existing networks