FDR nano

Fujifilm provides a new solution
with compact digital X-ray cart system
for critical moments you face everyday.


  • Ultra-lightweight, compact digital X-ray cart
  • “Virtual Grid” provides a high-contrast image without using a grid
  • Lightweight, easy insertion, waterproof/antibacterial Cassette DR
  • Main parts fully coated with new “Hydro Ag” technology

Clinical Evidence

Amazing Quality

Innovative technologies to achieve high resolution and low dose

Our ability to capture sharper images at a lower dose, which we have enhanced over the course of many years as a cassetteDR manufacture, brings out the best of the”Ultra-high sensitivity system.”


Comparison with conventional method

The image of big size patient acquired by FDR nano.

  • *Patient info.
    Weight:203kg, Body thickness:55cm

Emergency case

[Image]Emergency case






FDR nano Promotion video