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The ECHELON Smart features a small footprint with a limited cost, without compromising on diagnostic quality and speed. Based on our proprietary technology, this system has opened up the potential for 1.5T systems, providing superb image quality and superior install flexibility inherited from permanent-magnet MRI systems. ECHELON Smart offers new options for superconductive MRI.



Superb Image Quality Realized by Sophisticated Technologies

The advanced specification of MRI sub-systems makes the most important impact on the delivery of image quality without compromise. 

ECHELON Smart is equipped with powerful sub-systems which includes the SmartENGINE which supports high quality imaging and high performance RF system to empower robust imaging technologies.


Patient Friendly Quiet Examination

Our Smart COMFORT noise reduction technology reduces the acoustic noise by up to 96%*. With Smart COMFORT the gradient magnetic field pulse form has been changed and the imaging parameters adjusted, keeping a balance between imaging time, contrast, image SN ratio, and spatial resolution to reduce any impact the noise reduction technology may have.

Smart COMFORT can also be used with the motion artifact reduction technology RADAR**

*varies with imaging condition

**RADial Acquision Regime


Reduction of Total Examination Time

ECHELON Smart offers features that streamline workflow and enhance throughput, such as AutoPose and Parameter Guidance function for easy and fast operation. Fast scan capabilities and robust scan techniques to reduce re-scanning contribute to shorter scan times, and on-console analysis functions reduce the transfer time of data to the workstation. With the SmartSPEED feature, your operational efficiency is improved.


Small Footprint and Flexible Layout

ECHELON Smart has an extended cable length between the main MRI gantry and the power unit in the equipment room.

This enables flexible layouts that can remove some of the hurdles faced when introducing an MRI system.


Small Footprint and Flexible Layout

ECHELON Smart is powered by a high-speed A/D converter (Analog to Digital Converter) which directly digitizes the high frequency signal, suppressing noise to enhance image quality. 

It also incorporates an optimum image synthesizing technique allowing the precise adjustment of the image synthesis ratio taking into account the noise correlation during composition of signals from the elements to improve the total image SN ratio by 8% and thus provide excellent clinical images.

This technology is particularly effective for multi-channel receiver coils in which the coil elements are segmented.

16-channel receiver coil imaging setting

SMART Operation

  • Coil System
  • AutoPose
  • User Interface
  • Suggestion UI

SMART Hardware

  • SmartEngine
  • 16ch Receiver System
  • High Performance Gradient System
  • High Performance RF System

SMART Application

  • All around RADAR
  • Plaque Imaging
  • isoFSE
  • BeamSat TOF
  • BSI
  • FatSep
  • H-Sinc
  • T2 RelaxMap / R2 RelaxMap

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