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The New FDR SE Lite, is a cost effective flat panel detector with essential functionalities, and a variety of functions to support in the X-Ray Room and improved image quality to enhanced diagnostic capacity.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Equipped with Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) which positions its captured electronics (TFT's) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors.

Speedy Display Short Examination

Digital Radiography requires no steps for imaging and provides imaging results instantly. The efficiency in exam cycle improves clinical outcomes such as shortened exam times and enhanced patient comfort.

Improved Workflow

The new 17 x 17 square shaped cassette allows improved workflow and removes the unnecessary switching of cassette horizontally or vertically during the examination.

IPX4 Water-Proofing

Structured to prevent infiltration of liquids , the device conforms to IPX4 and easy-to-clean flat surface. There is no need to worry that fluids such as blood or vomit could enter the device

Connectivity with FDR Se Console*

Optimized X-Ray image with advanced image processing technology

Simpler, more efficient and improved workflow for the radiographer, our advanced image processing provides high quality image with reduced impact for the patients.

*FDR Se Console (Model Name: DR-ID-330CL) is not included in the component of FDR Se Lite Series

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High Definition, Made Smarter

Introducing FDR D Evo II, now even smarter, with improved image quality through a noise reduction circuit, and a variety of functions to support imaging even in toughest hospital environment.

  • Designed to be lightweight, only 2.6kg.* 
  • Loaded with internal memory for image storage.
  • Antibacterial, Water Proof & Load Resistance performance.
  • LED Indicators for easy patient positioning.

High Resolution, Low Dose

Internal memory retains up to 100 images for trauma and remote sharing use

The detector’s internal memory mode allows acquisition of images without a live connection to the workstation. This ability allows CR-like workflow with any analog mobile or room x-ray source.

ISS Technology and Noise Reduction Circuitry

Patented ISS capture technology promotes high sensitivity along with Noise reduction circuitry that improves sensitivity in high absorption regions.


One-handed battery replacement

The battery is easily replaced with new easy release latch and the detector is ready to image again within 30 seconds.

Extremely Lightweight, just 5.7 lbs

FDR D-EVO II features a unique magnesium-alloy casing, designed for easy handling and positioning under the patient. The 14" x 17" model weighs just 5.7 lbs.   

IPX-6 Water Proofing

FDR D-EVO II’s new sealed design including user swappable battery, prevents the infiltration of liquids into the detector.* 

*Wear and tear, variables in user handling, and other conditions, can deteriorate the effectiveness over time.

Sleep and Deep Sleep modes, enhance battery life by up to 36 hours of standby time.

FDR D-EVO II features a unique magnesium-alloy casing, designed for easy handling and positioning under the patient. The 14" x 17" model weighs just 5.7 lbs.   

Detector edge LEDs simplify centering and detector identification

LEDs at the center of each of the four sides of the panel make it easy to confirm centering during patient positioning.

The LEDs also gently flash to indicate sleep modes at a glance.

Wireless or wired flexibility

All models feature standard battery and wireless operation and can also be utilized with a detachable cord for power, trickle charge and communication. Corded use allows extended uninterrupted use such as in an upright or table or for locations where wireless is not desired.   

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An Evolution of Form and Function

The ever lighter FDR D-EVO III is introduced with our flexible film based TFT detector providing high quality image with low X-Ray dose. FDR D-EVO III retains all of the innovative benefits of its predecessor FDR D-EVO II such as ISS, tapered edges, Hydro AG antibacterial coating, memory mode, and more. FDR D-Evo series will Never Stop evolving to improve the workflow in various clinical environments.

World's First Glass Free and Lightest DR Detector

based on 14" x 17" size

G Series

C Series

Film-based TFT detector with ISS method

Glass-based TFT detector with ISS method

High Quality Imaging and Low Dosing

Glass-based TFT detector with ISS method

Like FDR D-EVO II, the FDR D-EVO III is equipped with an indirect conversion system called the ISS method which bonds optical sensors (TFT) to the X-Ray irradiation side unlike traditional flat panel detectors.

This greatly suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-Ray signals creating a sharp image with low X-Ray dose.

ISS System Reading Technology for higher Image Sensitivity

Water and Dust Proofing

Structured to prevent the infiltration of liquids, the device conforms to IPX6 and can withstand jets from any direction. There is no need to worry for fluid permeation inside the device caused by fluid like blood or vomit. The device also complies with IP5X for dust-proof structure, preventing malfunction caused by small particles.

Hydro Ag Anti Bacterial Coating

The FDR D-EVO II and III detectors are coated with Hydro Ag antibacterial coating, which has an antibacterial effect 100 times greater than that of conventional Ag coatings. This longer-lasting higher intensity antibacterial effect prevents bacterial growth. A hyper-hydrophilic binder allows easy cleaning and hygienic use, together with the easy-to wipe flat design of the detector.

Smart Switch Technology

Fujifilm developed a technology "SmartSwitch" which allows automatic X-ray detection. With SmartSwitch, FDR D-EVO III no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR power supply unit to automatically detect X-rays and start image creation.

Virtual Grid

Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation. Without the need for a grid, Virtual Grid retains high contrast and image sharpness, while preventing the asymmetric density resulting from misalignment of X-ray tube and detector. (Option)

multiple body parts supported

Dynamic Visualization

Optimizes image quality using latest Exposure Data Recognizer. Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data.

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