DICOM and XDS Data Sharing Tools

Easier access to images from any computer

SYNAPSE is designed to meet your exact needs anywhere and at any time, with on demand access providing images in less than 2 seconds.

Innovative web portal integration

  • SYNAPSE is easily integrated into a hospital or trust wide web portal environment and supports URL and API/command-line integration.

XDS Technology

  • SYNAPSE is a natively XDS enabled object, acting as an XDS repository and consumer without the need for any additional software or interfacing layer.

Common View

  • Patient information can rest in any number of different sources. Common view is a powerful tool that allows the user to see all comparison studies from all data sources, and even from other vendors’ PACS, into one view automatically.
    Common view eliminates the problems caused by differing ID number schemes by using advanced matching algorithms that do the hard work for you.