Optimum support for the diagnosis

The better the PACS, the better the workflow: SYNAPSE has effective tools to streamline the image review process. SYNAPSE provides maximum image quality and work efficiency. The strength of SYNAPSE is its ease of use, which ensures that every user can take advantage of the entire system. SYNAPSE – easy and powerful.

Individual hanging protocols

  • Fujifilm has developed effective tools to automate the presentation of diagnostic information: Reading protocols. These provide a structured representation of examination content and user settings. A presentation series offers the ability to assign each view a specific aspect in the diagnostic process. Users can develop their own reading protocols or rely on hundreds of templates that are stored in the library.


  • SYNAPSE provides one-touch access to all relevant patient information. Prior exams, clinical notes, documents, voice files, results, images and other data are all available at any workstation.

Document management

  • Document management in radiology is becoming increasingly difficult, Radiological procedures generate a significant amount of paper that is being managed outside of a PACS. SYNAPSE links and manages all of the study data, including text and numerical information, documents, scanned documents and information.


  • SYNAPSE ensures you receive important information as it becomes available. By simply subscribing to a specific folder, SYNAPSE alerts the user when the information is ready. Perfect for on-call Radiology.
    Subscription can also provide improvements over a limited bandwidth network, for example, when working at home outside of regular hours. As well as alerting the user to the availability of new studies, Subscription can automatically begin streaming the data over the network, so when you are ready – the images are ready.