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ARIETTA Deepinsight 750

Designed for medical professionals

Advanced image quality for superior representation of internal structures, hemodynamics, usability that supports the accuracy and efficiency of ultrasound examinations and innovative applications. 

The new-generation ultrasound system featuring technologies to achieve "DeepInsight" proposed by Fujifilm Healthcare for diagnostic ultrasound. The cost performance, which is essential for the smooth introduction and operation of a system, is focused simultaneously with clinical performance. 

ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight will work with users to create the future of diagnostic ultrasound within the medical environment.

DeepInsight Technology

DeepInsight is a new ideal form of ultrasound imaging Fujifilm Healthcare proposes. 

It is a verification of the ultrasound image quality we deliver with confidence, and also an expression of our determination to never stop challenging to create better ultrasound images.

Further refinement of technologies harnessing high quality “sound” gives rise to our highest premium class performance yet.

Designed with sophisticated ergonomics and multiple new tools that streamline your workflow.

An extensive variety of unique applications that deliver new clinical value are accessible across all specialties.

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