Designed for high expectations

Greater examination precision, greater comfort, and a wider range of applications are now possible with ultrasound imaging. In response to the ever increasing expectations of the healthcare professionals, diagnostic equipment is continuously evolving. 

The evolution in three elements mentioned here is main product concept, and we would like to emphasize.

"Image quality", "Workflow" and "Applications" are the three key functional areas in which we have made a determined effort to refine fundamental performance, aiming to create the ultimate ultrasound platform. Flexibly responding to the users’ individual needs across the range of clinical disciplines, ARIETTA 850 delivers diagnostic imaging without a compromise.

Further refinement of technologies harnessing high quality “sound” gives rise to our highest premium class performance yet.

Designed with sophisticated ergonomics and multiple new tools that streamline your workflow.

An extensive variety of unique applications that deliver new clinical value are accessible across all specialties.

Pure Symphonic Architecture

Carving Imaging

Advanced image technology producing images with "Clearer Visibility". Stable imaging with less patient dependency helps to achieve clearer images with less noise. 

This is made possible by our new image processing technology that enhances tissue structure visibility.

As the concept of this function, we would like to emphasize "Clearer Visibility".



Flexible Monitor Arm

The monitor arm mechanism supports a smooth back-and-forth movement of the screen during the examination, without any change to the up, down, right or left position.

Protocol Assistant

Prior registration of routine protocols significantly reduces the operation steps necessary during the examination. Prompts for image store, alerts of mistaken image store repeats, all contribute to increased examination efficiency, accuracy and throughput.  

Combined Setting of AFS/ASR

Auto Frame Selection (AFS) picks out the appropriate frame for measurement in Real-time Tissue Elastography. Assist Strain Ratio (ASR) automatically locates the measurement ROI. Complex, repetitive measurement steps can now be completed using a single button.

Real-Time Virtual Sonography

Since its release in 2003, Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) has continued to evolve to meet clinical needs in fusion imaging and interventional procedure and open the way for Image-guided techniques and minimally invasive procedures. Significant further developments have been introduced with the ARIETTA 850.  

Fetal 3D/4D

Three- and four-dimensional imaging can play a role as a prenatal communication tool connecting parents with their fetus. Auto Clipper automatically defines the optimal cut plane removing placental or other unwanted tissue signals in front of the fetus, offering a clear surface-rendered fetal image.

Fetal Heart Examination AutoFHR+

The fetal heart rate can be automatically calculated using a tracking ROI

placed over the fetal heart on the B mode image in real time. This offers a safer and more objective measurement compared to conventional Doppler or M-mode methods. Furthermore, as this function is also available on a transvaginal transducer, assessment can be made from early gestation onwards.  

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