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Empowering Your Ultrasound

Accuracy, safety, and high cost performance are required for ultrasound diagnosis.

Our answer is ARIETTA 750LE inherited premium performance with matured technology.

Advanced technologies provide seamless workflow and expand your capability.

ARIETTA 750LE will transform your ultrasound diagnosis.

Pure Symphonic Architecture

Definite imaging technologies succeeded from premium class models delivers all users high image quality that allows the detection of even fine changes.

Microconvex Transducer C23RV/C23

Micro convex transducer (Single crystal) delivering high image quality and easy application in routine examinations. 

The transducer shape, as well as the performance of the piezoelectric element and heat dissipation structure, have been optimized to achieve both image quality equivalent to a conventional convex transducer, and low-stress operability. In addition, it seamlessly supports examinations in various scenes from diagnoses to treatments.

[Delay-and-Sum] Partially Focusing

[eFocusing] Focused at All Depths


Transmission and reception technology to achieve clarity of imaging from near to far field. Reduced focus dependency and patient dependency.



Carving Imaging

Images with "Clearer Visibility" are produced by our new image processing technology that enhances tissue structure visibility. Realizes stable imaging with less patient dependency.

Wide Scanning OFF 70°

Wide Scanning ON 110°

Wide Scanning

It can obtain a wider scanning angle than a standard convex transducer with less image quality deterioration. Its wider field of view is expected to expand the examination range.

OLED Monitor

The ARIETTA 750LE has adopted 22 inch wide OLED Monitor for an optimum image display. Without requiring back lighting to function, the OLED Monitor displays true black so a previously unattainable contrast resolution can be achieved. It is the ideal monitor choice for diagnostic ultrasound, producing the high quality grayscale display.

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