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The Next Stage in Usability

This entry model of the ARIETTA series invites easy operation from beginners through experts. Its outstandingly easy-to-view 21.5 inch monitor and intuitive, user-friendly operability will bring you to the “Next Stage”.

Device Specifications

Flexible Monitor Arm

The monitor arm can be moved freely to give you greater flexibility when performing multiple styles of exams.

Adjustable Panel Height

It is possible to adjust the height and rotation of the operating console to best suit the operator and examination to be performed.

21.5 inch Widescreen Monitor 

The high contrast LCD monitor with a wide field of view displays images with high sensitivity and resolution, reducing patient-dependent image variability.

Easy-to-use Touch Screen Panel

The touch screen panel is mounted at a comfortable and convenient angle. The screen’s layout is customizable by clinical application, allowing for intuitive operation.

User Friendly Interface

Select an examination area from the illustration to start operation.

Virtual TGC

Intuitive and smooth operations are possible.

Scan using a previous setting

Choose a patient’s previously-acquired image and the system will adjust to the same exam settings; invaluable for follow-up comparisons.

Simplified Operating Console

Minimalized layout includes only the necessary controls. Reduces time searching for the right button, offering a more pleasant operating experience.


Battery operation enables the system to be moved to a new location without powering it down, so that operation can be resumed immediately.

Clear Imaging

Technology to support diagnostic imaging

The technologies committed to create the high quality "sound", which have been fostered by the ARIETTA brand, are inherited.

Silky Image Processing (SIP)

This adaptive image filter has further evolved to reduce speckles and boost edge enhancement, generating clearer images for easier interpretation.

Compound Imaging

Enhances visualization of tissue boundaries and reduces artifacts. Ultrasound beams are transmitted in multiple directions to scan the object from different angles. These scans are superimposed in real time, improving contrast resolution and reducing speckles, thus allowing clearer observation of lesions.  


eFLOW is a flow mapping technology that enables accurate and detailed depiction of blood flow dynamics. 

Its exceptional spatial resolution allows accurate delineation of both fine and larger blood vessels.

Transducers Line Up

Supports a comprehensive range of transducers that support a diverse clinical application. Compatible with a line of newly developed transducers, as well as a selection of transducers from our high-performing systems and other systems. 









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