Synapse 3D

Advanced Visualisation and Analysis.

Synapse Yasasii Ris


SYNAPSE YASASII RIS provides a complete set of tools for the Workflow Management Module.

Synapse Pacs

The medical image and information system for radiology

Pacs Advanced Tools

Fast and powerful PACS. Optimum support for the diagnosis.

Synapse Vna


Enterprise Clinical Repository for DICOM and non-DICOM

Partnership Runlek Breast Information System (BIS)

RunLek is a unique decision support system that has been prepared to eliminate all human-induced issues.


Never Stop

For more than 80 years, we’ve continued to transform ourselves. Building from our origins as a photographic company, we evolved into a technology company working in areas such as healthcare, imaging solutions and more.

AI Lab

Fujifilm develops AI technologies (REiLI) that strongly supports diagnostic imaging workflow, leveraging both deep learning AI and our image processing heritage.

Dicom And Xds Data Sharing Tools

Multi-site PACS. Radiology without borders.

Synapse Mobility

SYNAPSE PACS on iPad, iPhone or Android

Shared Reporting Worklists and Seamless Clinical Collaboration

Streamlined workflow – easy to use.

System Administration

System administration with SWAT. Simplify workflow – efficiently and intelligently.

Synapse Teleradiology

Synapse TeleRadiology effectively combines RIS and PACS capabilities