Fujifilm Group Basic R&D Policies

The Fujifilm Group conducts research and development under the following basic policies to achieve growth in priority business fields and to create new businesses.

Integrating Strategies for Business and R&D

  1. Robust new business development that contributes to enhancing the quality of life.
  2. Sustained growth of existing businesses through innovative new products.

Research Policy Approaches

  1. Deepening and broadening Fujifilm Group’s fundamental technologies
  2. Creating new value by integrating multiple technologies in various fields
  3. Enhancing group synergies
  4. Accelerating developments
  5. Improving the fundamental R&D capability of each researcher and         organization.

Fujifilm Group’s Technologies and Priority Business Fields

The Fujifilm Group owns highly versatile fundamental technologies, including organic and inorganic materials, analysis, thin-film formation and processing, image and software, optics, and mechatronics, developed in areas such as photosensitized materials and xerography. In addition, we possess core technologies that contribute to distinctive performance and cost. Fujifilm Group now operates businesses across an extensive range of fields. Fujifilm applies product design technologies that combine these fundamental and core technologies to promote R&D activities in priority business fields while creating new businesses that will shape the future.

For details on Fujifilm’s Research & Development, please visit the Fujifilm Global website.

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